Koropi – Industrial building


Industrial building for sale 2,208m2 with loft 732m2 on a plot of 8.666m2.

Hephaestou 51, Koropi, (Bota location).

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Price: 2.021.000€

Property features

  1. The building has an industrial panel with a 3 × 360A substation.
  2. Heavy duty industrial colored flooring.
  3. Loading ramp.
  4. Casement style garage door with arms. Opens with password.
  5. Automatic fire-extinguishing system with two water tanks, comliant with the regulations of the State Fire Service, three-way (starting with electric power, fuel and/or battery).
  6. Two generators in case of power failure. One automatic.
  7. Rainwater drainage safety pump in case of flooding.
  8. Lightning protection system complient with regulations, with a 300m radius of coverage around the conductor.
  9. Two independently controlled central heating systems with a combination of radiators and convectors in offices throughout the building.
    Second boiler for heating the ground floor only, to further reduce energy consumption.
  10. Loft 732m2, heavy duty articulated joint steel construction, strength related to loads. All offices are fully equipped with furniture and air-conditioners
  11. Loft office space on the side of the second entrance, built in compliance with the General Building Regulation. The loft has an independent entrance while also communicates with the ground floor by an internal metal staircase. One of the offices has a panoramic view of the entrance and the ground floor area.
  12. The electrical installation was performed in 2009.